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Below is just a partial list of artists that have recorded one or more projects with Benson Sound.

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Recording Christian Artists Since 1968

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Mike Purkey 
Price Harris
Phillip Willis
David Ingles
David Sapp
Mike Murdock
Jimmy Swaggart
Big John Hall
Nancy Harmon 
Harvesters - Southwestern Assemblies of God University
The Crandall Brothers
Carrol Hicks
Bob Larsen
The Tulsans
Lionel Ritter
Jim Loving
Whitey Gleason and the Jubilee Qt.

Ginger Ingram

Larry & David Parnell

Stutes Family

The McGuire Family

Donna Parkey

Billy & Sharon Ivie

Synan Family

Phil Lyons

Clark Singers

Ernie Couch

Lee Mantooth


Ernie Divis

Musical Missionaries

Saundra Retherford

David A Baker

Singing Glazers

Preach McGuire Family

Pilgram’s Quartet

DeArmond Family

Roy Miller

Ministers Quartet

Mid Western Gospel Singers

Southwestern College - OKC

McCoy, Dale & New Horizon Singers

Mid Western Gospel Singers


Lloyd Whistler

Gospel Couriers

David Baker

Singing Ivies

Tommy Anderson

Chapel-Aires Quartet

Journeyman Quartet

Capitol Hill H.S. Concert Choir

The Hatfield’s

Jim Baldwin

Shaw Trio

Shirley Hinkle

Ambassadors Quartet

Jim Cope

Rodgers, Danny & Patsy

Ministers Quartet

The Wright Singers

Calvarymen Quartet

Jan Chilcoat

New Jerusalem Singers

Singing Jacksons

Musical Missionaries

KJEM Gospel Bells

Preach McGuire Family

Dave & Brenda Kelly

Singing Blansits & Lana

 Elmer Childress Family

Wesley Green

Roger Bankson

Bobby Thomas

Singing K’Nets

Dan Sheaffer

Wesley Green

Mid Western Gospel Singers

 Reed Gipson Singers

Goodtime Singers

Cheiftain’s Quartet

Landers Family

Ervin Donaldson Family

Brooks Gospel Singers

Mid-South Quartet

Phil Breithaupt

Don Todd

Florence Family

Arnold & Anita Segesman

Ronnie & Sandy Harrison

Rebecca Middleton

Weatherford Quartet

Dickenson Family

Mid South Quartet

Oklahoma Bible College Choir

Allgood Singers

O. C. Southwestern College Choir

Happy Travelers

Alton Garrison

Rev. T. L. Turner

The Chieftains


Waymaker Quartet

Happy Travelers

Faith Trio

Ernie Divis

Jim Baldwin

Brumfield Brothers

Bob Jones

Mike & Glenda Hudspeth

Golden Keys

Colour Tones

Denny Duron and the Vessels

Arman Stephens

Sooner State Boys

Vera Woods

The Crusaders

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