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Below is just a partial list of artists that have recorded one or more projects with Benson Sound.

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Recording Christian Artists Since 1968

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The Christ Messengers


Roy Ferguson & Candy Noe

Ginger Ingram

Singing Blansits & Lana

The Smarts

Jerry & Kelly Morgan

Singing Ivies

The Calvarymen

The Williams Sisters

The Marquis

The Cheshiers

The Ambassador

The Ambassador Quartet

Burnett Family

Sylvia Tolleson

Midstates Singers

Fairfax A/G Youth Choir

Ron Dryden

Liberty Baptist Youth Choir - Shawnee, Oklahoma

United Pentecostal Church

Paul Craft & Temple Trio

Paula Ray & Carolyn VonAllmen

The Watchmen

Ray & Lois Salisbury

Parton Trio

Steve Dixon

The Smarts

Jerry McLain

The Disciples

Cindy & Susie

New Hermeneutics

Elmer Childress Family

McClain Quartet

The Kerleys

T. Denney

Dan Sheaffer

Janice Stevens

Heralders Quartet

Ozark Bible Institute

Cline Family Singers

Kenneth Copeland

S.W. Assemblies of God College

The Holland Trio

O.C. Southwestern Choir

The Vessels

Gerald Wheeler

Evangelist Lottie Adams

Arnold & Anita Segesman

Mike Purkey Singers

Ministers Quartet

Midwest Christian College

Gale Jackson

Ed Modrick

Curt & Faye Bartmess

The Blansits

Sooner State Boys

Clark Singers

Rex Bullock

Singing Ivies

The Concepts

The Florence Family

Chinle Galileans

Trinity Baptist Church

James Carter

The Inspirationals

The Faulkner Family

The Watchmen

Pace Brothers & Sharon

The Bentons

The Spirituals

The Calvary Echos

Vicki & The Royalheirs

New Life Singers

The Smarts

The Calvary Quartet

The Gospelettes

The Goodtime Singers

The Royalaires

Kenneth McGee

Alice Williams

Community Singers

Harmony Hofers

The Victory Tabernacle Choir

Godís Quad

Paul Dohery Evan. Team

Ambassador Quartet

Ardell DeBerg

Mike & Marigold Cheshier

Vicki & The Royalheirs

Nicola Shoemaker

The Bolton Trio

Mike Venlet

Mike Brown

Gospel Stewards

Burnett Family

Mike Mooney

Williams Sisters

Ginger Ingram

Great Life Sisters

First Assembly of God - Killeen, TX

Price Harris

Ben Bebermeyer  and The Peacemakers

The Singing Blantists

DeArmond Quartet

Don Clowers

Sherrie Cates

The Colvins

Dan & Claudette Busby

Chapelaires Quartet

George & Ruth Vernon

Stetler Trio

Rita Bailey

Roger Barcus

Bolton Trio

W. Lee Payne

Up With Jesus Choir, Liberty Baptist Church - Shawnee, OK

Mike Purkey

Calvary Singers

Amarillo First Assembly

The Mahoney Sisters

Teen Round-Up (The Kerleys)

Travonna Baker

Dwain Griffin

Rex & LaWanda Bullock

Gospel Newbreed


Harmony Hofers

James & Peggy Hazelton

David Montgomery

Bob & Joan Brantley

Vera Woods

Pat Roper

The Bentons

The Heralders Quartet

The Foundations

Goodtime Singers

Behrman Family

Ben Bebermeyer & The Peacemakers

Gary Mathena

Mark Baker

Bud Freeman

Ardell Berg

Ambassador Quartet

Don Crosswhite

Andy Bellows

Ken Parsons

Retha, Ricky, Dewanna

The Gospel Treble Tones

Beth Motes

Ministers Quartet

The Smarts

Phyllis Henson

Countryside Christian Church

Great Life Singers


Singing Blansits

Ervin Donaldson

Vicki & The Royalheirs

Wes & Carman Murray

Ray & Elaine Leonard

New Life Messengers

Tooley Family Singers

Margaret Allen

Earlene Whitenack & Gloria White

DeBerg Family


Phillip Willis

Harold & Mavis Griffin

Shelter Trio

The Third Hour

M. W. Christian College

Bolton Trio

Gospel Accents

Mike & Donna Brown

Ann Baldwin

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