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Below is just a partial list of artists that have recorded one or more projects with Benson Sound.

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Recording Christian Artists Since 1968

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Doug Hinkle

Keeton Trio

His People

Clyde Causey Team

Tim Bagwell

Kansas City College

Billie Smith

Gospel Beacons

Alice Williams

Dallas Christian College

Gorman Trio

Tommy Carmichael

The Masters Trio

Goodtime Singers

Singing Courtneys

Bruce Forlines

Phyllis Conder

Sharon McDowell


Singing Ivies


The Chandler Trio

John Roberson

Ben Beberneyer & Peacemakers


Phil Guinn


Cagle Family

The Kerleys

Glory Hill

Ovid Pannel


Burnett Family

The Bentons

Ginger Ingram & The Little Folk

Ray Hundley

Godís Power & Light Co.

Jim & Jody Pearson

Tommy Drewett

The Smarts

Rex & LaWanda Bullock


Brenda Caton

 Connie Reed

Gospel Heirs

Jim Runyon

The Bethels

Carolyn Gibson

Sonya Lee

Shalom Singers

Greg Scofields

Sons Of Thunder

Sounds Of The Spirits

Carolyn Williams

Mahoney Sisters

Savior Singers

Cliff Johnson

Harlan Keel

Tommy Drewett

Bolton Trio

Loren Jons

Calvary Echos


Voices Of Victory

Karla Kerley

Crandall Brothers

Allene Pippen

Goodtime Singers

Ministers Quartet

Jim and Jody Pearson

Willie Murphy

Rex and LaWanda Bullock

Harmony Hofers

Ann Baldwin

Kenneth and Judith Parsons

Larry Jewett

Florence Dressler

Bill Wright

Don Crosswhite


Spence and DeAnna Moore

Bruce DeLange Family


David Smith

Jerry, Jan, Sun, Dick

Mac Evans

One-Way Singers

New Song

Dave and Jan Wallace

Hubert Surratt

Jesus Generation Singers

Bob Clement

Ken and Candy Snyders

Mark Little

The Singing Sharps

Susan Mollinari

Andy Bellows

Ann Swinford

Helen Clark

Phillip Willis

Ellingsworth Trio

Jim King

Kim Russell

Woodlake Assembly Of God Choir

The Cottrell Girls

Leroy Blankenship

Larry and Cindy

Harlon and Maureen Keel

Roger Bankson

The Tubbs Family

Phyllis Henson Conder

Bud Freeman

John Montgomery

The Kerleys

Alice Whiteley

John and Clara Vandenburgh

Archie and Vicki Halley

Loretta Gary Childs

Bruce Forlines

The Crandell Brothers

Joe and Kathy Iron

James Clark & The Love Revival Singers

Don Clowers

Greg Stanb

The Gateway Singers

Rex Bullock & Richard Beckham

Jim Brankel and The Revivalist

Jim Brankel and The Revivalist

The Gospel Sooners

Ginger Ingram and The Little Folk

The Crusaders

Butch Felkner

The Living Stones

Charles and Ida Whitestine

The Bentons

Carol Hicks

The Key Notes

The Mahoney Sisters

Jackie Lukens

Timothy Copeland

Bill and Marilyn Lowe

Greg Smith


The Sweet Inspirations

Roger Sorbo

The Brumfield Brothers

Don Moore

Gene Serge


Alice Williams

John Phillip Lunati

Richard Tate

Shirley Taunton

The Bolton Trio


John Briscoe

Chariots Quartet

John Rogers, Jr.

Sidney Watson

Betty Wagner

Darrell and Pat

Psalms IV Quartet


Harlon and Maureen Keel

Lee Thomas

Don Crosswhite

Greg Smith

Joey Ware

Kieth Stule

The Fountain Sisters

Sharon Daugherty

Charles and Ida Whitstine

Calvary Echoes

Nancy Ringer

Tom Grigg

Richard Tate

David Williams

James Brunner

Jesus Generation

Jesus Generation

Hobe Sound

James Hazelton

Travis Garner

Bobby Smith

Linda McLillan

Phillip Willis

Barry Mintzer

Michael McClenagan

The Gospel Reflections

RC and Karen Amer

Bill and Jeanette Tucker

Jean Bailey

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