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Below is just a partial list of artists that have recorded one or more projects with Benson Sound.

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Recording Christian Artists Since 1968

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The Evangelairs

Gateway Singers


The Crusaders

Kathy Shields and Terry Gardener

The Singing Gibsons

Rev. L.T. Bates

Ann Baldwin

Mark Little

Psalms IV


The Noblemen

Bud Freeman

Terry and Mika Tope

Greg Smith

John Brown

Stan and Vearlene Fortenberry

Ann, Becky, Karen Baldwin

Country Christians

The Ministers Quartet

Gayle Russ

Betty Wagner


David Fuller

Judith Hagan

Gods Reflective Image

The Staggs

Elwinna Hankins

Bill Bradley

Sunny Jones

David Madwell

Randy Mayfield

Del Aires

Singing Disciples

Ginger Ingram

James R. Timmons

Jerry Harrell

Steve Jones

Jim Cates


The Cottrell Girls


Bobby Smith Family

Harvesters SAGU

Mike McClenagan

Jim and Carolyn Dorough

Ron Ferguson

The Harbengers

Don Crosswhite Family

Hobe Sound Bible College Quartet

Don Bennett

Dan and Jenny Light

Darrell McClendon and Pat Tharp

Bobby Smith Family

Bessie Gomez

Dee Harper

Phillip Willis




Tim Britton

Sounds Of The Spirit

Sounds Of The Spirit

New Creations

Bill Harrell

Dan Willis

Karen Lusby

Hobe Sound

Mary Ann Lawrence

Cary Fox

Ed and LaParsha Modrick

Bill Bradley

Betty Wagner

Cheryl Leach

Cook Sisters

Carrol Hicks

Psalms IV

The Disciples Quartet

Stan Standiford

Donna Shelite

Gloria Meyer

Norma Coon

Paige Daily

Muriel Phillips

Darlene Boyte

Gloria Farjardo

Beverly McCune

Shirley Fuller

Ginger Ingram

The Harvesters

Jim Williams

Wayne Huffman

Mike McClenagen

Ann Baldwin

Ed Steele

John Teter

Dick Bailey

Loren Jones

The Harvesters

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